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Thread: Shapers in NJ

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    Shapers in NJ

    whats up fellas
    Im from brick and have been surfin since i was a kid. I was always interested in shaping boards but dont have the slightest clue on what im doing. I was just wonderin if anyone knew how to get started in that area, or knew anyone who would let me shadow them n learn the ropes. any info helps! thanks

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    Aug 2009
    Monmouth Beach, NJ
    The only thing I can offer is a class I teach at Brookdale. The next one runs August 23-26. You can sign up now by calling the school at 732-224-2315. You can also read the course description in the catalog: under Recreation in the index.

    It's a start.

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    Sorry for the shameless plug on this one, but check my blog

    You can get some info on Essece Surf. Gene Wahl runs a shaper school. The Brookdale plug is right on too. Good call.

    Lots of local guys and gals getting it done.