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    I am seeking informaion on shaping wood boards. Tools, methods etc... I found a plank recently that just screams to be surfed.

    Anyone with experience in this area? An old dog looking for a new trick... I would like to chronicle the journey.

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    Ive made 3 working on my 4th for a buddy, what do you need help with?

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    i made an alaia its pretty awkward at first but when you get used to it its not that different... my only problem was i made it pretty thin... don't make that mistake

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    yea bro what size width etc you talking about? ive been making and selling them. just dont forget to the channel, and keep your rails pretty sharp. otherwise turning will be a hassel. and for a first timer i would build the board a little wider like dont taper down as much from the widest point because it will make catching waves a lot easier with the thing.

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    I am just finishing a really ghetto alaia. The shape is terrible and so is just about everything else on the board. I am excited to try it though. I just didn't have the right tools. Oh well.

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    Anyone have any ideas on how to semi permanently seal a pine alaia. So far I am using spar urethane, but do I have to do anything else?

  7. When making it with pine you really want to use a linseed oil. I know guys that use linseed oil and beeswax to seal their boards. The problem with urethane and some other sealers it that they can add too much weight to the board making it have less float and harder to ride. But if you have already started to seal it and have around 2 coats done i would say that would be enough.

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    I just finished ghetto alaia and can't wait to ride it. Have any of you ridden one in ankle /knee high slop?