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    Cheap Gear for Sale--3 wetsuits and board bag

    Hey all,

    Wanted to give you first dibs on some of my gear that has just been sitting in my basement (nt., reason why everything is a bit dusty/dirty). I am in the Mt. Holly area....and will ship if necessary. Post or PM me...

    O'Neill Medium Gooru 3/2--Love this suit...sad to see it go. A while ago I sent it back to Oneill for taping issues and they fixed it up. Has some wear on the right knee. Other than that perfect shape. $70

    Hyperflex Medium 4/3--I beat the crap out of this suit...I number of patches/leaks. Probably work as a 3/2... $20.

    Oneill medium farmer john--picked it up at an auction--originally the bottoms of a divers suit but works well enough. Get it for what I paid for it...$20.

    Ocean and Earth Heavy weight 9' LB single travel bag. Best LB travel bag I could find. I have all the extras and it was barely used. $75

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    North Wildwood ,Nj
    interested in the farmer john . How tall and how much do u weigh ?? Just wondering if MED will fit me

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    5'9" 165lb+...lmk...anyone else?

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    Gooru pending...I will have some fins for sale later this week as well...stay tuned!

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    What's that white stuff in the crotch area of the Hyperflex 4/3? Get a little too excited pulling into a shackalack?