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    jellies/sea lice

    Hey there. Anyone know how bad the sea lice/jellies are now on the outer banks? Is it bad all the way down to Frisco? Thanks for any info.

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    Jun 2008
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    the sea lice depend a lot on the time of year, i hadnt been jellied at all this season except way down south in the cape fear area, but i just moved to michigan so i dont know how it has been for the past week or so. my friend got grazed by a man of war and has some serious scars.

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    Worst jellyfish invasion ever down there right now......

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    Take a look at obxsurfinfo The site has been posting daily on how bad it is. Also, even the surfline reports have been mentioning it, but it seems to be on a downward trend (according to the most recent post on SL).

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    yeah it was worse earlier (like last week). There are still some jellies out there, but i'd say that there are much less.

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    it was brutal for sure. ive never seen so many jellies in my life. it was strange paddling into softball size jellies each time reentering the lineup. im pretty sure my face was swollen and my body very sore for 2 days following two back to back 4 hr sessions because of them

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    they are worst on SE winds on the incoming tide. another reason to hate the devil wind