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    I just don't wear mine at all. I've lost too many rings as a kid to take the chance. It really depends on the shape of your fingers... tight rings and big knuckles are better for keeping those things on your fingers.

    On a side note, I jumped in yesterday on my lunch break, so I had to wear my watch to keep track of the minutes. I jumped up on one wave, and felt my $1,000 watch (the only one I own) slip off my wrist. I just grabbed it in time, while up on a wave, to catch it. The pin fell out and it literally was about to flop into the water.

    Next time I'll guesstimate the minutes.

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    Zach, maybe you could reassure her by telling her there are no ladies looking for donkies in the line up. HA HA I do take mine off when I surf, yard work, working on car, etc. I have also bent rings, so I just play it safe. The wife is ok with it, but I guess it just depends on your lady. Oh, and congrats brotha!!!

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    I usually take mine off at the water line and tuck it in the little pocket on my surf leash... fits perfectly in there and, once you wrap the leash around your ankle, you lock in the ring pocket so, no worries. However, when your done surfing and ready to take your ring out and put it back on, be sure your on dry sand. I've lost my ring twice (once in knee deep water at the edge and the other on the shoreline about 5 feet from the water) and found it both times after freaking out. Sometimes I take it off and leave it in my wallet or car too...

    After 12 years, I still got the same band I said "I do" to so, it can be done. If she's at the beach with you, hand it to her before you get in the water too... she'll rock it till you get back.

    Good luck!

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    I always take mine off before paddling out now. I have been married 15 years & in the 1st year or two I lost mine duckdiving a waist high wave in the fall when the water was still trunkable. That was one of the times I forgot to take it off.

    I wouldn't even bother asking the fiance about wearing the ring in the water. It's your ring & your a$$ if you lose it. Shark week is on, tell her now that it will attract sharks & it's a safety thing.

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    The main point to take away is that colder water temps shrink your hands, as fallingsky mentioned. When my wife and I honeymooned in Costa Rica, the water and air were so warm that I didn't have a problem. But in the next few months back home, every time I surfed I was aware of it, and felt like it was gonna fall off each next paddle. I didn't like thinking about it so much.

    So now I take it off, leave it in the car, and its on as soon as I hit the road home. Or if my wife is with me, it goes in her bag, and its back on when I get out of the water. That is unless I'm wearing gloves in the winter, then it stays on. I have had no problem leaving it under my gloves.

    Been over 4 years now and haven't lost it once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck white View Post
    I wouldn't even bother asking the fiance about wearing the ring in the water. It's your ring & your a$$ if you lose it. Shark week is on, tell her now that it will attract sharks & it's a safety thing.
    Haha...that was a classic Chuck.

    Same for me...been married for a couple of years and have never surfed with my ring on. I put it in my cars cup holder before I paddle out and put it on when I get back in the car. One less thing to worry about in the water. Plus my wife could care less if I surf without my ring on, it's just a bunch of fellas in the water anyway.

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    I am female. I take my ring off when the water gets cool and leave it at home or in the car. I am always afraid I am going to lose it. My husband doesn't wear a ring. A marriage is not about jewelry.

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    I always make it a habit to take mine off before I go in the water, my fingers are boney and rings slip right off.

    I have already lost my original wedding ring when our boat sank while out surfing the shoals, that did not go over very well, I have since replaced that ring and will make sure to not lose this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATT JOHNSON View Post
    I never take mine off never had a issue with losing it in 6 years
    Same here, I have to force my ring off if I want it off for any reason. I have had another ring on my opposite hand for about 15 years and it has been around the world without coming off in the surf.

    The key is a good fit and not loose

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    First, congrats!

    Second, I leave mine in the car.

    For the same reasons stated above, I'll leave this post short.