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    Biscuit, Pod, or possibly the flyer 2?

    Ive heard great reviews on all of there boards but i dont know which one. I want one that i can still surf pretty small waves in the summer and a little bigger waves in the winter. As of right now i cant do anything to amazing but so i want something that kind of progress with me. I also have a 6'6 funboard. This is for southern california. Around Ventura or santa barbra.


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    i've been going to my custom 5'4 biscuit a lot these past few months; it's shaped after the 5'6 al merrick biscuit which you can find on their website. i think it's 2 5/8" x 20 1/4? something like that i'm too lazy to look in the living room it's dark in there.

    pretty sweet ride it's kind of skatey on slow-rolling open faces so you can actually do a lot in those sections instead of pump or weave like you would on a ripstick. it's a 3-fin setup, fun as hell, i've ridden some other fishes and fischuit hybrids with 4 fins and this one is awesome because it's light, maneuverable, and versatile. i try to use it in knee-shoulder high swampy kind of waves. hope that helps some?

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    The fishcuit has made surfing fun again.

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    The flyer 2 is an all around board but i dont know. I always wanted the biscuit. Im just worried if i decide to surf bigger waves. But the biscuit would be much easier to paddle and catch waves with. I havent heard much about the pod besides that its mainly for launching.

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    You are around Ventura? Go to Roberts and get a White Diamond