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Thread: Beater Boards

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    Beater Boards

    I've heard mixed opinions about these.
    - Are they easy to get up on and ride or do you need to be a pretty good surfer to get to your feet & balance on these little boards (like a retrofish/shortboard)?
    - Are they easy to paddle, or will they tire you out like a newbie trying to shortboard?
    - Do they really catch knee to thigh high waves similiar to a longboard?
    - Can you easily take the fin(s) on and off (needs to be finless for the lifeguarded zones). I'm sure its really skatey and challenging without the fin though.

    A guy at one of the local surf shop yesterday told me not to waste my money on them because they are too hard to ride (he only knows of 2 guys whom have gotten to their feet and ridden a wave on them. Only really good for bodyboarding. Any other opinions?

    I have a 7'2'' funboard but I only surf a few times a year and my skills/lack of paddle stamina limit when I can surf (small window of about thigh high to chest high) It seems like for $150 it would be better for my situation (if a Beater catches small waves easily) than investing in a $500+ on a used longboard that only gets in the water a few times a year.

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    save your money. your really need to surf more and barring that work out enough so that you have the stamina.

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    i actually just put up a post about this board.

    I just bought one but havent got the chance to ride it.

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    Easier than the others

    My kids and their friends love these boards. (they can surf pretty good) They don't slide out like the other stand up boards. They make bigger ones for bigger guys, but I have not seen them in the stores locally.

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    -They are pretty difficult to get up on compared to normal boards. You will eventually get used to the small size but it's nowhere near as easy as popping up on anything else.

    -They are fairly easy to paddle, it takes maybe about the same strength as it does to paddle your average shortboard but it's not nearly as easy as it is to paddle a longboard or funboard.

    -I would say they catch waves more like a fish or shortboard than a longboard, you need a decent amount of speed to catch the wave.

    -Yes you can easily take the fin out.

    From what you said I would suggest not buying one. Keep in mind that the beater doesn't have nearly as much volume as your funboard. Until you are very comfortable riding shorter boards you will definitely have a hard and frustrating time trying to surf the beater.