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    Tomorrow morning

    Anyone thinking about getting on it at first light tomorrow? Wondering if the tide is going to be too fat since the first high is right around 7am. Was thinking about hitting it at first light but don't want to roll my a** out of bed at 5am if it isn't even going to be worth it!

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    i think im gona go out and try to get an hr in before the 1st tide round the castle and then see how it goes after.

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    More importantly who is going to try to go out on Tuesday? Does it look like it will be worth it?

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    Well it was absolutely pumping this morning where I am and should continue once the tide drops. If you were too concerned about tomorrow morning to get out this morning, you missed out brudda!

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    well couldn't make it out this morning so I am going to have to find some wind protection... if that is even possible in Jersey.

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    that stinks but it is awesome

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    DAMN it!
    Looking out my office window and it looks real fun! like reallllly fun.
    Glassy and maybe waist high - im 9 floors up so the size could be +/- a little.

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    Was WAY bigger than waist high here this AM. More like chest to shoulder with a random head high wave every once in a while. Looking pretty windblown now, though!

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    And where is here?

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    ^^ No ones going to drop spot names so don't try to get it out of them