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  1. Another website says...

    that tomorrow will be like 2-3 choppy and thrusday is shaping up to be about in the 4-5ft. range ssw winds at 5-10 then 10-15 i dunno he is usually right just wanted your input about this and even though u guys have it down as chop thursday any chance it maybe semi-clean say 5am or later in the night the winds have been dead in the morning and night for the past couple of days

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    not sure where you are referring to in jersey?

    exposed spots to the S/SSW wind swell are forecasted to be in the chest to shoulder range as you can see here:

    The latest model updates are showing the winds could be more SW on Thursday, which would help clean things up for the more east facing beaches. Keep checking the forecast updates as they correspond to changes in the models.
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    What do you think about today (wed.) in OC.... I just went out and checked it but it looked pretty weak. Do you think we'll get any size increase before sunset?