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    Trac Pad Question

    So upon cleaning out my room, I've recently uncovered an unopened trac pad in a cubby hole area. The trac pad as far as I remember, was purchased/given to me roughly 3 years ago. The cubby hole area gets about pretty hot in the summer and pretty cold in the winter. How does the glue hold up in these conditions, when the pad is unopened? I have a board I want a new trac pad for, is this trac pad gunna work on the board (will the glue still hold)? Or should I just look for another pad? Thanks.

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    why not just use it and if it does fall off, then buy a new one.

    I think you should be fine though

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    i'd just slap it on and if it falls off get a new one but i do understand your point on the adhesive not working after so long

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    Sand your board lightly and remove all of the dust. Slap it on there but before you do go pick up some $.99 instant nail glue. Put a few drops of this around the perimeter and a few in the middle. Focus on the raised tail portion as well. Then set it and... forget it.

    When I buy a board with a track on it already, the kick tail of the track pad falls off after a few months while in the water (dragging my knee over them). Then while out in the water if it starts flopping all over the place I rip it off and put it in my pocket. Get it home and clean it up and do the above method and then it's on there for the rest of the boards life.

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    Whats the thoughts on using a pad on an 8' board instead of wax. With wax I can't go shirtless unless I want my nipples waxed off but mabe with a pad I could?