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    Brigatine Question

    So yesterday I went exploring new areas to surf that would pick up the north swell. I am a steel pier regular, but just was not working there at all.Anyway, I ended-up surfing around Brigatine.

    My question is.... where would I go to find decent waves in Brigatine? Where I was at, the swell was ok, but the waves were a little weak and mushy.

    I'm not expecting anyone to tell me where the secret spots are, but maybe just give me a rough idea where to look, so that I have a place to go for the next north swell.
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    brig usually doesnt do well with big swell, i usually check it at my street just to see whats going on then head to Ac

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    i went to stockton and would check brig from time to time. always ended up in AC though ha

  4. Offshore shoals break up a lot of the swell energy, that's one factor. Secondly, if you look at the island on a map, it is tucked-in pretty tight compared to its counterparts to the north and south i.e. the north end of the island bends in landward (whereas in AC/OC, it bends out seaward). Also, the south jetty is about a half mile landward from the North end of AC. These factors limit definitely put some limitations on the size and type of surf the island gets. Not to say that the place doesn't have its moments.....but the bottom line is that you might want to look elsewhere if your looking for somewhere to hold big groundswell.

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    Surfed the north end and south end for years. Both are polar opposites. Your goona have to figure it out on your own. It all goes back to the buoy data as well as local winds. Observe, experience, and draw conclusions.