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    Repair fiberglass question?

    Hey guys,
    I have a crack in the nose of my board that needs to be repaired. No chunks missing, just an open crack but it would allow water in. I have fiberglass, resin and hardener from when I did some bootleg auto body repair for a friend. Can I use these materials or do i need surfboard specific resin and fiberglass? ( solarez etc..)

    Thanks in advance, any input is much appreciated.

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    I've used auto body fiberglass/resin/hardner before with no problems. For a small repair it should work fine.

    Only thing is, the autobody stuff I've used doesn't dry clear so it might not look perfect. It usually has a color. I've had green and dark red. I usually don't care too much about cosmetics on my boards, but some people like them to look perfect.

    I actually have one board that was delaminating under my rear foot (how my boards usually meet their demise) and I couldn't bear to let it go. I drilled small holes spaced around the delaminated area, and injected it full of that autobody resin with a syringe. Now the board has a red tint in that part of the deck, and looks like it has the chicken pox. But it took care of the squishy delam....for now anyway :-)

    Oh, if any water got in that crack, it needs to dry before you fix it, regardless of what you use. Otherwise it'll open up again.

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    Thanks alot for the info. I ended up grabbing some suncure from a local shop. But its good to know I can use all those old materials sitting in my garage if need be!