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Thread: Missing In OC?

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    Missing In OC?

    They have the chopper out looking for a body. Info so far has a ?Dad? and Two sons? going in the Ocean After 7pm. I guess one of them/someone got taken under and is missing.

    These were Tourist, swimming after Guards were off duty.

    Chopper and two or three boats are still out looking right now.

    Be safe out there people.

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    a little more accurate:

    OCEAN CITY, Md.- The Ocean City Beach Patrol began a search for a reported missing swimmer Saturday, around 8 p.m.

    Lifeguards say they're still searching for the missing swimmer, suspected to be a man in his early 20's, whose two friends say they were swimming with off the 20th Street beach.

    The Coast Guard and a Maryland State Police Helicopter also assisted in the initial search Saturday evening, before all crews were called out of the water.

    Ocean City Beach Patrol Captain Butch Arbin says he suspects dangerous rip currents are to blame. He says 250 rescues were performed Saturday by lifeguards in the resort town.

    Last I saw chopper still out there looking...

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    For further update: Upon meeting the lost guys family, I feel very bad and bummed out for them. They are staying at my hotel for the time being, 2 police came there for 3 hrs to talk with them, probably about the worst, and told me they would be staying for a few more days.

    I sat out in the water this morning and watched the coast guard surveillance planes and zodiacs skim back and forth for a few hours. I felt sympathy for the lost guy who lost his life in the same waters I was taking granted of for my enjoyment. Kinda bummer dudes
    (Waves weren't good there anyway)