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    Question long board and fun board


    So I'm pretty new at surfin (couple months)... have a long board and and a short board but was thinking of getting a fun board.

    The one I saw for a sweet deal on is a 7"6' and I wonder if I shouldn't go a little smaller? I'm 5"6' 115lbs

    Wanna have the fun of a long board for smaller waves but little easier to move around... And maybe duck dive it. I doubt I can duck dive a 7"6' tho ... Should I go smaller?


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    you have two surfboards and cant surf, why spend money on another board your not going to be able to surf . i would just surf the long board until i got really comfortable with and then on the good days use the shortboard , no need for a fun board

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    Hahaha! Thanks! Well, I can ride my long board just fine... I have no problem catching waves... Just thought a fun board might be more flexible and wasn't sure what size to pick... I was thinking of selling the long board and getting the fun board instead... But maybe you're right, it's better to stick to what I have... Tho, just wanted to know what size i should go if I were to sell the long board and get a fun board...

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    never ever sell the longboard....its a staple...other boards will come and go, never part with a longboard.....never not have it in your quiver....

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    thanks for the post..

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    I was about to sell my long board, not any more

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    I went through the same thing. I ended up getting a Mctavish Carver for my daughter. But as my friend at the surf shop said I'll end up riding it more. Was a great transition on way to a smaller board. It is a 7'6" board and catches waves in almost any condition. There are other boards like the waterhog and Nugget that I hear are pretty good too.

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    fun shape

    if you are looking for a fun shape look for Spoiler... great boards