With few changes in ESA, BODYBOARDING is a whole new game.

For the first time in a long time, BODYBOARDING was a serious business @ Hatteras, NC. With more 30 bodyboarders, the final heat was a long road to get there. 2 rounds of eliminations, semi-main, semi-finals and finals. Waves were big but not as clean as they were expecting.

The open bodyboard final was as good as any pro contest out there. Jorge Colomer, from Puerto Rico, took the contest to the next level, the quality of his surfing was way better than any other competitor, with combos of ARSes, ROLLOS, AIRS, all in one wave, very good rider. Expect a lot more from the Puerto Ricans to come in the ESA.

Here are the results from the 2006 ESA EASTERNS, NC.

Open Bodyboard
1st Place Jorge Colomer PRC
2nd Place James Joyce OBNC/AS
3rd Place Austin Dalton NCFL
4th Place John Heyman NY
5th Place Mark Ramsdell CNC
6th Place Jake Buchler DMV

Menehune Bodyboard
1st Place Jake Buchler DMV
2nd Place Forrest Roberts VA
3rd Place Caleb Buchler DMV
4th Place Hampton Kohn SSC
5th Place Matt Landon DMV
6th Place Patrick Tighe CNJ

Congratulations to all finalists.