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Thread: Danielle pix

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    Danielle pix

    can every1 that surfed Danielle on wrong island post sum pix?

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    idk if anyone was stoked enough to take them
    tomarrow morning is looking solid

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    i dunno...every1 on here'z claimin "Danielle swell all-time!" lolz...b-sidez turtlez, there must b a bunch uv magical breaks on wrong island that only thu guyz on here know about...they must b epic, wherever they are...

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    May 2008
    central li, topsail island nc
    very long period swells focus on beaches very differently.. some places were around waist and dumpy like a lot of places in LB. others were head + and perfect like the beach i surfed for 3 days.. (shouldve been 4 but i slept in) pretty much the best i've surfed around here in years.. was a zoo but had a rotation going with some of the better guys in the water. i don't take pics i just surf