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    crazy. paddle or tow?

    cuz ya never know:
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    Quote Originally Posted by cresto4 View Post
    crazy. paddle or tow?

    cuz ya never know:
    Talk about a LATE take off. What a drop. He was in the wrong position. You can see him actually go airborne during the drop. He's lucky he didn't get completely annihilated and thrown over the falls. Guys got brass balls. There's really no comparison between paddling into a wave vs. towed into a wave. Towing into a wave like that is intense. Paddling into a wave like that is hardcore and insane What a maniac!

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    awesome vid
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    my clam just tightened up

    Just after Danielle loosened it, my clam tightened up on me with that pic. Gotta get the plyers..........

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    judging by the video, how big do you think those waves were?

  7. it big