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Thread: AB3-East?

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    Question AB3-East?

    i remember someone posting here a bit ago something about moving AB3-East to early/mid-october. i was just wondering if that was still the case or if it had been scrapped altogether.
    it would be a shame if that's the case, what w/ all the surf we've getting of late & hopefully will continue to get. seems like the prime opportunity to get a bunch of surfboard geeks together on the beach & try out some different boards.
    i had a great time & learned a lot at the last got me on my bamboo fin kick, thanks to a long & informative chat w/ marlin bacon of 101 fins. it would be great to see it continue & become an annual tradition.

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    the title of your thread looks like strange robot code

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    I heard it'll be in the spring...


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    Yup, AB3-E will be in spring 2011. Blame the weak economy and somewhat less than expected turnout last year. Better to raise the anticipation levels a bit. Figure May time frame. I'd like to be able to get some shapers to travel in for it and orders are so slow, no one has any money right now. Plus with last year's turn out there wasn't enough incentive. These events have to be worth it for the shapers to put up the travel costs. So make sure you come out next year and bring all your friends. Make it worth the trip for these guys and we'll have a good amount of shapers with boards for demo.