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    The whole top side of a board has been spray painted. W/out having to take it to get glassed and to also have it ocean ready and ridable by Friday, what needs to be done to board.

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    I'm actually looking for the paint to stay on. Wax would be the answer if I needed a stick. The board has had some serious surgery done to it, and I'm just lookin to see if it can still do what it used to.

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    Spray clear coat over the spray paint let it dry and you should be good to go

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    What kind of paint?

    Most of the time you can get away with a clear acrylic spray out of a rattle can. Do several light coats letting it dry between.

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    spray clear over it, you might want to scuff it lightly with a scotchbrite pad so that the clear will not flake off. use acrylic spraybomb clear.

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    i made a few mistakes the firs ttime i tried it. make sure the surface is clean (no salt water). second, find some clear coat, and do 2-3 light coats. let it dry completely. anything else will add extra weight. you don't think the paint weighs much, but compare an empty spray can to a full one and you'll see

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    Thanks for you quick responses, I had figured clear acryllic was the solution but didnt want to cake to much ish onto the board if it wasnt needed. After its done and if it rides I'll throw some pics up. If anyone else has any suggestions please post 'em

    Also, I have 3 boards in need of some minor work that I really dont care for (they dont float me anymore, I weigh 190) If anyones interested in purchasing them for cheap to experiment on let me know. Knowing how to repair and detail your own stuff is always a good thing.