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Thread: Sweet Swells

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    Sweet Swells

    could anybody tell me where , in deerfield beach is there good surf i want 2 check it out sometime , i am always seeing these good reports on the site and i definitely want to get some kid.

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    The Pier is good sometimes but just south of the pier by the Rockpiles fires some nice lefts when it's big.

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    good looking out yo. i`m gonna head up there , is it always good most of the time , or should i pay close attention to forecast before making a trip up there.

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    hey there,

    you've got to have a lot of patience to be a surfer in south florida during summer time. Winter time offers some consistency (generally more consistent the further north you go), but summer time flat spells can last a while. You definitely want to check out the forecast before planning any trips...

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    This site is spot-on for the S. FLA forecasts, keep checking the reports and help these guys out.........refer your friends!

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    i appreciate all the info u guys give me . also i just got back from nicaragua and went to san juan del sur , it`s really chill out there i went to a beach called (maderas) its sweet out there.theres alot of beaches out there.but once again good looking out boys.