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    cold water surfing

    I'm looking forward to the chill zone. Autumn/winter surfing, that is. Have the wetsuits. Need the digits protected.

    Would appreciate any user opinions / recommendations on 5mm booties (split toe? round toe?) , size 12, new only.

    Need gloves, as well. Xcel ? Rip Curl ?

    BTW, I tried, but they said they're getting out of the surf gear biz, they have nothing in anything other than small-man size. No offense intended.

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    Rip Curl all the way

    Dude forget the split toe, round toe are way warmer. As far as brands, I have ripcurl and I would highly recommend them.

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    i have a ripcurl, quicksilver, and an aussie wetsuit for coldwater surfing, and then i have 5mm booties and gloves, i just got the individual toe ones, so i dunno about them, will see when it gets colder, but the rounded toe booties are great, it takes some time to get used to it though, but they are good

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    Get the Xcel Infiniti Drylock 3 finger 5mm gloves. I surf year round with them on LI and have always been warm. They have fewer seams than regular gloves and even help with paddling. I've never tried the mittens, they could be just as good.

    Also, Xcel has the best customer service out there.

    Boots I use Xcel Infiniti 7mm. These too have been good and I like the hard bottoms.

    Here's a link to the gloves...

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    I agree with sealattack...go with excel drylock all thu way! 5mm 3 fingers and 7mm round toes...thu split toes just feel awkward...

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    Thumbs up thx

    Thx very much for the info & the link.

    Much appreciated fellas.

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    Go 7 mil all the way with boots and gloves
    that allows you to have a longer sessh