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    Trip to Montauk and Nantucket

    I posted this on the Mid Atlantic thread, but it was suggested that I post here.
    Any advice is welcome and thanks in advance!!!

    My girlfriend and I (and possibly my dog) are probably taking a trip leaving sept 24 and going through the 3rd of October, going to NYC (to see a broadway show first), then traveling out to Montauk for surfing, since that is where her dad grew up surfing and I have been wanting to surf there for years, and then we are thinking we will take the ferry from there to Conn. and drive over (and ferry) to stay in Nantucket for a few days b/c she has a fascination with nantucket. I don't know if we will make it any further north than Boston after that, if we go any further. Any places that people recommend staying, restaurants we must hit, board shops, or spots that we must see, whether it be for the views or hikes or surf spots? We are up in the air with camping or staying in hotels at this point. In the past on these types of trips we don't make plans, and just see where each day takes us, but I'm open to advice.

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    Air and Speed shop in Montauk is really nice. No great place to camp out here, but you might try Cedar Point in East Hampton. Only problem with that is that it's a 30 minute drive to Montauk.

    Go to Joni's for lunch, Shagwong for dinner (classic Montauk spot and avoid the new 7/11.