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ahahahah wow, timing is everything. Just posted from the Surfing Rulebook Twitter account-

SURFINGRulebook 3:00pm
Rule No. 689: Building a board rack in your living room establishes that you are very single.
Well it's a good thing I bodyboard... I happily live with my hot girlfriend!

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screwing from behind sure is fun,,,,,, but i made one like that for my room out of like $100 of walnut planks and dows and it was super crappy, fell apart in months.

The proper way is to angle at 45, run the dow ALL of the way through, and use a ton of glue. I learned this on the third try, but this one was made of pine scrap. This way the weight of the boards actually makes the connection stronger, rather than stressing on a screw in the back.
Well however my step-dad constructed mine, it has held up for about 2 years now and from the picture, you can see what it can hold. Also, it holds snowboards.