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Thread: Tomorrow?

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    Will the swell tomorrow pack any punch and will the clean conditions hold up? It is book-ended by two dismal looking choppy days. I am heading up to RI this weekend, maybe out to block island, and I wanted to get a session in before my trip.

    Also, any tips about Block Island? I am going to visit a buddy of mine but he doesn't leave gansett too often to explore other waves.

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    could be some fun ones tomorrow for you in jersey...

    you know there's a swellinfo block island forecast page that gives forecasts for S, E, and W facing beaches:

    I've always wanted to go to block island... I"m sure there's some good setups.
    Maybe post a thread in the northeast forum, and maybe someone has some advice on the block for you.

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    Thanks for the good news. I'll try to get some photos when I'm up there and let you know how it goes.