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    For Sale XCEL 3/2 , O'Neil Mutant 4/3

    Got too much rubber and looking to sell a couple of suits

    XCEL 3.2 , Medium, worn 4 times max. $75 obo

    O'Neil Mutant 4/3 LS, great suit, well used with much life left. No rips, holes, warm suit.
    $150 obo

    located in Easton, MD


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    guess I'll bring it to the front again once the water starts getting cooler.

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    4/3 weather is here and this is a very nice suit for cheap. L/short with hood and collar

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    yo Im interested in the xcel, what suit exactly is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJSwell View Post
    yo Im interested in the xcel, what suit exactly is it?
    sorry, I gave the xcel to a friend

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    Okay, one more try with the Mutant... perfectly good 4/3 with attached hood... $75 obo hit me up.

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    $50 obo... this is a perfectly good 4/3 with attached hood, no rips or tears... A warm suit.

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    How did you like the Mutant? It's too big for me but seems pretty versatile, I've been thinking about picking one up for my next suit.

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    Sold the mutant- Rob, I liked the suit, it fit me well and was warm. I replaced it with a Hyperflex Amp 5/4/3 that is lighter, stretchier and warmer... thanks to Matt for cluing me in!