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    Firewire Reviews 2

    Continuation of prior closed thread. Not sure why it was closed, maybe because of the silly bickering??

    In any event, Ive not ridden a firewire, but I researched them quite a bit. I wanted a new board that was stronger than traditional construction.

    I ended up doing exactly what EXIT98SURF suggested. I ordered a Coil. In researching the two technologies, I had a hard time finding anything negative about the coils. I did find some negative reviews of Firewires, although most seemed positive.

    The Coil is a handshaped stringerless blank with some kind of vaccum bagging glassing tech. Stronger than standard construction, and more flex. Stays white longer as well. It's basically a 3 man operation. The Main shaper shaped for WRV for years, (Mike Daniels) actually he may still do some shaping for them, not sure. Two brothers do the glassing, and one of the brothers also shapes. Mike's been very responsive, and extremely easy to work with. In the same manner as Firewire, they put volume measurements on their boards.

    They have some standard models, but it's all handshaped and they'll shape whatever you need (maybe not longboards). There's an insanely long, yet active review thread on Swaylocks about them. You can buy direct and have it shipped, or you can order through No Flat Earth in NJ and save a few bucks but you'll have to pick it up at the shop.

    I am not affiliated with Coil or the shop in any way. Just passing on info. I over research every purchase, and spent a lot of time looking into this purchase.

    Truthfully, I think there's a place for pop-outs (admittedly, I have 1), but like to support Local when it's feasible. The Coils are east coast shaped with east coast experience and they end up a tad cheaper then the Firewire.

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    i have a 5'10 rapidfire dominator setup most of the time as a quad w sf4s its become my new "go to" in anything under head high, especially when its on-shore/mushy. it paddles very quickly for its size allowing me to easily snake longboarders but is also very fast and loose and so i can still generate enough speed in junk waves to bust little airs over spongers. so far great durability and resistance to pressure dings. anyone who i've let try the board has subsequently gone and bought one. and yes i have hand shaped boards too so wuuuuu

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    It was closed because a lot of the people who don't even own a firewire decided to post their nonsense..

    I own a Dominator FST its a 5"6 riding it with a quad set up. This 1 board has replaced all my other boards. I use it in knee high mush to solid head high waves with no problem. I have been able to out paddle long boarders on it and pack more turns on it than I could with my standard short board.

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    well said

    Well said pkovo, I was going to agree with exit 98 since my coil is by far my favorite board there tech is similar to FW yet are custom and from the east coast, many guys in Jersey have transformed the entire quiver to coil. I may be close to following suit I like Mike and the boards are so clean durable and just rip...
    Sorry to all about the bickering on previous thread....
    Coil is a good option for any one wanting a FW but would like a custom and in doing so also supports an east coast shaper..
    I too have one pop out and it does searve its purpose as my step up travel board..