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    Two boards in one bag

    I have brought one surfboard to Costa Rica before and have paid $100 each way (which is crazy) but I was wondering if I brought 2 boards in one bag if the fee stays the same or if it doubles?

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    they had a small articel in the latest Surfer which touched on this topic. When you go to check your bag in and they ask whats in it just tell them ,"surfboard" smile and be polite . If they dont ask you how many then thats on them . If they ask well it was worth a shot. I would get a double bag cause its gonna be a tight squeez with 2 boards in a single boardbag

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    iv played this game before... only to get fee'd and taxed and have to lug boards around everywhere. Rentals are everywhere, and some are pretty decent. There is a shop in tamarindo that rents firewire, CI, 7s, etc.... If you dont like the idea of a rental, bring the $400 that you will likely spend anyways bringing your own boards and just buy you a locally shaped board when you come through jaco / tamarindo / wherever. Then either sell it back or make a friend for life and give it to a local.

    bringing boards on an airplane SUCKS. After the fee's and the ding repair, you will wish you took my advice.

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    Recently went to CR on American. Had two boards (and lots of other stuff) stuffed into a 7-foot DaKine World Traveler bag. The bag has wheels and is considered a coffin model. So it's a significant bag. It seemed pretty obvious that we had more than one board in it.

    The check-in people - in Philly and Liberia - didn't bat an eye. As long as you're within the American limits (check the web site - my bag ended up at 58 pounds), seems that you will be charged by the bag.

    No problems with damage. And the wheels REALLY came in handy.

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    Depends on airline I fly continental to CR and I always bring two board and several times I have brought three in one bag. Find out what the airline policy is just look on there website under excess baggage if they allow 2 board in one bag for the same price such as continental then no problem if they ask which I think I was only asked a few times you can honestly say two boards even if you have three in them continental will charge 375 or something crazy like that for three boards and 100 for two its retarded cause it takes up that same amount of space, so its cheaper to bring two bags for three boards if that case, but I was travelling with a bro so we decided to take the risk and took 3 and when asked we said 2 and they dont look so your golden. Hope this helps...
    Yea there are rentals but honestly deending on where you are going first and if your staying put its worth the 200 to have your own boards. Lots of location around the world are acutally suppling surf tech boards which I think is great cause even tough they are pop outs and there are some guys that are against them when travelling and your destination country have surf tech avaiable for rent at there local shop or camp you know what your getting there is even a service that I found that will deliver surf tech boards to your hotel. I did this in Nica and it was great, At least I knew what I was getting.

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    I took two boards to costa in one board bag. just wrap the two together in bubble wrap and make it look complex as hell. I stuffed the board bag, so when they tried to take a look inside my bag they didn't even bother opening it up. i got away with paying for one board

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    If you are flying continental airlines you can bring two boards in one bag for the same price as one board which was $100 each way. If you bring three it jumps to like 350-400 dollars crazy! I think bringing your own board is a must! If you bring two sell one when your down there and it will pay for the baggage fees!

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    Sweet-talk, smoke and mirrors...remember these guys deal with complete a-holes all day long, so a little common courtesy goes a long way. I personally go for the ladies, especially ones who appear stressed as hell. Step right up with a smile and even a little friendly flirting. Comment on her pretty necklace or whatever...just be nice! I traveled to NorCal last winter with a 7ft coffin (3 boards) and didn't pay a dime on my way out. Of course on the return trip, with United, a large angry woman refused to budge and charged $290. That was BY FAR the exception, however. Also, be sure to show up with no other bags so you don't get hit with the "consecutive checked bag" fees. I've had most luck with Southwest, Delta, and Continental. DON"T GO UNITED!!! That stupid company has screwed me so many times that I refuse to fly with them.

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    i thought this thread was going to be some knock off of 2 girls 1 cup j/k

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    i always travel with two boards in a 6'6" taco bag and have never been asked how many are in it.

    btw..........if you're thinking about flying continental with boards, always check to make sure there isn't a board embargo when you plan to go. they have great flights to mexico and central america but you can't always take surfboards. they've lost me as a passenger because of this.