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    it's called a 4/3 because of the thickness of the neoprene. But to answer your question yes, a new 3/2 with the newest technology (sealed/welded seems, high tech neo, etc.) is probably going to provide the same warmth as an older 4/3 (we're talking 8-10 year old technology) that isn't sealed and uses pretty standard neoprene. This is just my opinion as others will probably have differing opinions.

    For example, let's take it back to the mid 90's. In certain areas of the northeast you would want a 6 mil for the winter. Nowadays in those same areas you can easily get away with a 5/4/3 that has decent technology and you will be warmer.

    But the way the suits are described 3/2, 4/3 and 5/4/3 won't change. You will just be wearing your 3/2 further into the fall, your 4/3 further into the winter and you'll be getting out of your 5/4/3 earlier in the spring. Eventually if the R&D continues and the technology keeps going, 5 mils will be a thing of the past...

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    does anyone have experience with the patagonia R4 5 finger gloves ?

    I usually wear 5mil lobster claws & my single finger will still get cold after awhile, but with patagonia's reputation for quality and warmth I thought maybe these would be warm enough - i'd like the 5 finger flexibility, but warmth is more important.

    Or would i be better off going to something 7mil ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    i'm due for a new suit and since it's been 6 years since i bought, i've been wondering about the technological advances in wetsuits. i'm curious about one thing in particular: since i presume there have been improvements in warmth and stretchiness, is 3/2 or 4/3 or 5/4 really still an accurate unit of reference? in other words, does a brand new wetsuit still have to be 3 mil thick to provide the same warmth as my old 3 mil wetsuit? hasn't the technology improved to the point where i can get the same warmth with less material? can i find 4 mil warmth in a thinner (and therefore stretchier) suit - and if so, why still call it a 4/3?

    just wondering, in case anybody is really well versed on modern wetsuit technology...
    a lined wetsuit gives you an extra millimeter of warmth in my experience.

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    get anything that's glued, taped and sealed and add a fireskin, charcoal poly or merino wool interior lining and you can comfortably delete 1 mm. A high quality 4/3 can get you into the mid 40's water temp, easy. But you'll want to make sure you have adequate boots and gloves.

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    Just ordered my xcel infinity 5/4. glad to be part of the clan. this thread definitely helped. thanks guys

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    hurley fusion 3/2 taped seams and super flexible. Flushes a little easy at the ankles but other than that best suit i've owned for sure

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    So read most of this thread and just pulled the trigger on a new wetsuit. From Florida but surfing in San Clemente at Trestles and was using my 3/2 Phsycho2 that I've had for 2 seasons now. I was freezing. I get cold pretty easily but its in the 40s in the morning and water temp in the high 50s. Anyways I was ****ing cold for the first two days, to the point where I was so miserable I got out. So I switched with my brother who just got the Physchofreak 3.5/2.5 and I was decently warm, get a little cold after 1.5-2 hours or so. I was looking at getting the rip curl flash bomb for a while and came across one brand new for $300 even. So I jumped on it. Now rip curls don't fit me too well. I'm 5'9" 135lb so inbetween a S and M rip curl. Oneil small fits me perfectly just for reference. The small felt like it was trying to shrink me a few inches so I got the medium. Took it out first sesh a few hours ago and all I have to say is AWESOME! The Flash is super warm and surfed 2+ hours till the sun went down and only barely felt a little chill at the end. Sweet suit, it's hanging up now and you can literally watch the water drain down out of the suit! Pretty cool! See how tomorrow goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocmdsponger94 View Post
    Soo, i was leaning toward this...

    Then, i found this...

    What do you guys think?

    Also, whats the difference between a chest zip and back zip (flexibility wise)


    Cant really comment on the suits as Ive always wore Billabongs but you would want a 100% stretch suit and in my opinion the chest zip is much more flexible than a back zip by a million times over for the simple fact the metal zipper and connecting area will be more ridged. Not to mention less flushing with the chest.

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    5/4 XCel Drylock (2012)
    4/3 and 3/2 O'Neill Psycho 2's (about 4 years old - time for new ones soon)

    I absolutely love the Xcel... Warmest I've ever been in the winter and was broken in after 1 session. The Psychos are awesome suits as well. The other companies are catching up but to me the O'Neill rubber is the most advanced as far as weight/warmth/flexibility go. That's not to say they are the absolute best suits but their rubber is ridiculously stretchy.

    My main complaint about ALL wetsuits and their manufacturers is their sizing. I am 6-4, 230 lbs and am an XL in everything and a 36 long... I take a 3XL wetsuit. My XCEL fits great but the tag claims to be sized to fit up to 6-6 260... NO WAY. Same with the O'Neills. I realize most surfers are little gnats (no offense - it definitely helps to be smaller in the water most of the time) but come on... Plus... people on the whole are getting bigger anyway so it would behoove the wetsuit companies to size up... Rant over. Waves for Jersey tomorrow.

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    Anyone have any experience/opinions will billabong wetsuits? im looking into getting the Billabong Mens 5mm Foil (C-Zip 2012)
    thanks for any info