OK, since there are about 10000 wetsuit threads in this forum, i think we should all just post our suits and what we think of them. Make this a sticky, and when people have questions about suits, just look at the sticky and find reviews of the suit they're considering.

Me: xcel 5/4/3 infinity
xcel 4/3 infiniti drylock
xcel 3/2 back zip

my 4/3 drylock has been an incredible suit. it's 4 yrs old and does a great job from late october to early december and from early april to late may into june. great transition suit.

5/4/3 infinity has been a great suit as well and i have absolutely no complaints.

xcel 3/2 back zip has been pretty bad. the worst part is not having a chest zip. this suit gives me rashes under my arms and on my neck when it gets a lot of use. looking forward to when it gets a little cooler and i can rock the 4/3

hopefully this thread takes off..