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    I was just looking through some albums (mainly islandvibe and surferphots) of igor and I was thinking being a surf photog has to be one of the worst jobs ever (as far as surfing goes). Sure you guys get to go on trips and yada yada, but the bottom line is you guys sacrifice you're surf time to capture a millisecond. Props to you guys!

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    well they are the ones goin on trips while the rest of us non pros get to look at what they witnessed first person, I second the props towards photogs. It is an art in itself too. Surf photographers are some of the best photographers Ive ever had the experience to witness(photos that is). And who knows they might get to surf a little bit too, or atleast bodysurf.

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    Well I haven't been to other countries on assignment from magazines or anything crazy like that. But you just have to learn how to manage your time. I usually shoot pictures on the incoming tides, morning and afternoon (when lighting is best) or when I think conditions are going to be the best. Then I surf the outgoing tide, in the middle of the day when its the brightest, or when I feel I got some legit shots.

    It all depends though. Some perks about being on the beach taking shots for hours on end is you get to see where the crowds are and best waves are breaking so when you're ready to get in the water and surf, you're surfing in the best spot or where there are basically no people.

    I'm no pro photographer or get my shots published on a regular basis like some of the guys who post shots on here but like the guy above me said it's an art and you find where you fit. You find out your own style and it feels pretty damn good to get a full sequence of a guy getting spit out of a barrel.

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