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    patagonia suits for sale r2 and r4

    might be selling them and using my back ups (moneys tight). R2 backzip in great shape $260 and a r4 frontzip for $360..lifetime warranty. still not sure about selling them throwing this up as a feeler. r2 is a ms r4 is a m
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    how much wear/how many seasons used/how many times you piss in em/what kinda shape they in?

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    im definately be intrested in the r4, but what is its condition

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    bought the r4 last winter towards the end after my mutant was falling apart. only used it 5-6 times. never pissed in both. R2 has some use few months old..i use it to spear also. in great shape.

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    liking the r4..... hooded?

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    great deal on that r4...