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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Cuda View Post
    You are aware, of course, that you just replied to a thread that is 7 years old. Oh wait--you are a surfer, that means you are a moron. You were not aware then......
    Most of those posting before you are either dead, in rehab, or living in Iowa......
    lmao...I replied like it was current...guess I better look at the date...owe wait Iam a surfer...Let me get my cup of coffee. Thank god I didnt reply to it twice.

  2. Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel coming back from a trip to Hatteras a few years ago there was a most amazing wave wrapping around Fisherman's Island. There was a tropical system offshore and the 3 to 4 foot ground swell was peeling perfectly around the island. the water that day looked like the Bahamas. It wasn't big, chest to shoulder high but just perfect. From the bridge it looks like an awesome setup.

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    Thought Gruvi was back and made this thread, then got all excited. Super bummed there will be no Gruvi appearances today.

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