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    answer to summer surfing restrictions

    no fins, no leash, claims to float a 200lb man. What will the lifeguards think / do?

    Oh yeah, its cheaper than most good bodyboards.

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    I still think you would run into issues at most mid-Atlantic towns.

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    And that thing is just about completely different than most bodyboards. Like apples to oranges here. Notice how all the pictures are of people standing on it?

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    i guess a better question than "is it a body board?" is "what, exactly, classifies a flotation device as a surfboard in regards to the surfing restrictions?" Is it fins? Is it hard rails and deck? is there a length criteria? Is it prone vs standing position (Iv seen people drop kneeing in no surfing zones).

    in the description it says to give the lifeguard a one finger salute as you air over the granny wading in the shallows, making me think that it doesnt classify as a surfboard.

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    a friend rides for them and i got the chance to hop on one this summer. definitely not as spongey as their other board, 'the beater' but more on the level of a sponge than the older victoria soft-skim model with a way better design. and with the wider tail, you dont have to rely on so much rail to rail as a regular skimboard.

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    My son has the Beater and uses it every day in front of the lifeguards in Margate one beach north of the elephant. Never had a problem. He uses a leash and has traction on it but no fins.

    I would say "the One" would have no problems either at least not as far north as Absecon Island.

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    yea you can def. use those in de/md, they are just like longer bodyboards, lifeguards don't really care

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    I've ridden the "beater" which is basically the same thing as this and it was a blast.
    @ Lee, I think in Va Beach they would probabally allow it for one summer before some silly assed ordinance would be created to prevent anyone from ridding it in the forebidden tourist section.

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    the thing could be a lot of fun, but i would hate to buy it if I cant use it during the surfing restrictions.

    I......wish.......the........restrictions......mad e......sense.........

    I should run for mayor of this town. I would legalize surfing, parking, swearing, loud music, and thong bikinis. Oh hell, pot too.

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    Just got my vote! My family gets tired of listening to me complain about stupid restrictions and the life guards who enforce them.