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Thread: favorite boards

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    Apr 2008

    favorite boards

    1977 = 6'8" Gerry Lopez Lightning Bolt single wing rounded pin single fin,bright yellow with red bolt and red fin.

    1980 = 6'2" Channel Islands tri-plane hull single fin Pro Shapes designed by Davey Smith.

    2010 = In The Eye shapes by Scott Busbey,single,twin and quad fins.

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    Oct 2009
    North Wildwood ,Nj
    1998 10'0 cooperfish Melo Yellow

    2009 Bing Elevator

    2010 Legend quad

    I have had tons of boards but these 3 are ones I will never sell

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    Nov 2009
    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    1998- 6'4" in the eye modern fish. rode the board until it died in late 2004.

    2003-2004- 6'6" brian wynn single fin egg

    2010- 6'4" ci fort knox, 6'0" ci dumpster diver, & 9'6" wynn si si slider. they are all fantastic boards & i can easily see myself selling off all other boards in my quiver & being perfectly happy w/ just those 3 boards. 6'4" for shoulder-head high & up, 6'0" for head high & below, 9'6" for waist high & smaller. maybe a 6'8" step-up or so for those rare DOH+ days, but not necessary.

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    my old man shapes a lot of my sticks, pretty sweet. I usually take him into a shop with me and tell him what kind of stuff im thinking about and set him loose in the garage.

    Latest creations:

    fishcuit-ish little eggy retro fish
    6'4 shortie, bumped squash tail. My favorite board ever. Good in thigh - DOH.
    6'5 round pin soul surfer, a replica of one of his old north shore favs. I just picked this one up from the glasser yesterday. Im going to wax it all the way to the nose....

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    Apr 2008
    In a state of flux
    1986--Eberly Hot Stuff Kong Model

    2001--Ashton Round Nose fish

    2009--Ashton thruster