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Thread: 0.0 feet?

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    0.0 feet?

    at zero seconds.
    for days.
    in mid-october.
    is this unprecedented or what?
    the ocean has stopped moving.

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    the quieter the calm, the bigger the storm

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    Blame it on the wind bro..I'm not a forecaster but if it switched we would have swell

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    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    the offshore flow over the last couple days here has been kind of impressive (& depressive, now that the ocean looks like a lake)!

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    shouldn't their be some kind off swell with all this wind? On the cam looks like its on a lake not the ocean.

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    The current offshore flow is very strong, indicating a deep low pressure system. However, this particular storm came off the coast too far north for us to receiving any onshore flow. Only northern New England received swell on this one.

    The fact that the storm is so strong in October is a good thing... We just need a better path. This is more of a winter time pattern at the moment... where we often see flatness for a while followed by a strong swell.

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    we are receiving the lower left quadrant of this system.......with low's winds spinning counter clock the math people. It is what it is.... ugh...............

    the attached map is all you need to know.

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    please bring on the strong swell

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    This is actually very typical for this time of year. I've seen this action year in and year out, especially in October. One way to put it, the ocean is resting and getting ready for the winter. also what Swell said about the current atmospheric conditions. Its painful looking at it. At least Its giving me time to fix all my boards.

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    Another thought while its flat. when its flat I go out and paddle a few miles. build up the paddling arms and back. It beats jonesing. When every one else returns to the water you'll be able to paddle around almost everyone. Be a total waterman. The first time I did this some years back when I lived just two blocks from the ocean in Virginia Beach during the school, winter season. Come Spring when all the warmer water surfers returned I was paddling all around them catching every wave I wanted. Some would even joke at me there are no waves out there but they found out when the waves did come why I did it. They couldnt keep up.