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    The Coming Flat Spell

    Wednesday scares the **** out of me.

    Not sure if I've ever seen the graph get that close to just totally dying.

    0 feet at 0 seconds?

    The ocean is dying, yall.

    Gonna miss it.

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    welcome 2 thu east coast...

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    I don't know if it's gonna happen that way though....look at the current track of Invest 98. It could turn into a cane and send us swell in the best case scenario.

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    real deal...i don't live here 4 thu surf. i live here 2 make $$ and doo thu :30minute commute each mornin' with every uther @sshole that's givin' mee thu finger that's l8 4 werk...

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    surfsolo stop stawkin mee perv! lolz

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    lol make that paper and get them barrels!!!!

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    check out the intensity of Invest 98 forecast......

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    check it owt it actualleey goez b-low sea level lolz

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    must be something to do with them being on their hurricane model still...

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    latest track has a possibility of sending some swell Thursday or Friday for us:

    Intensity topping out between 96 and 108 hours from now....