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    Talking Tortola

    Hey guys, I want to go to Tortola in the next few months. To surf & to chill.

    From what I've read online, surf is generally flat there ? except for maybe semi-regular swell at Apple Bay & during Atlantic storms. Also from what I've read there seems to be a dedicated east coast crew kinda stretched out in the region from NY to the MD eastern shore who watch the BVI swell reports & when something is cooking for Tortola, they book a flight & go.

    Not trying to take anyone's secret spot or anything like that.....but does anyone have the DL, the 411, the scoop on surfin' Tortola....? Aside from getting hammered on 'shrooms & beers at the Bomba Shack...?

    Much appreciated.

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    I had the same question. Im staying over in Virgin Gorda over Chirstmas and I really wanted to catch somesurf in the BVI. I hear Tortola is pretty consistent in the winter months, and that the surf is generally best that time of year. . I also heard crowds are pretty spread out except when everyone heads over to Cane Garden Bay... Ive stayed in that area of the carribean over Chirstmas several times and I always see areas exposed to northern swells going off...but the spots arent surfable