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    6-0 Alaia Xylem Surfboards

    Hey, josh here from xylem surfboards. I'm selling my own personal "M.I.A." model in order to make another alaia for myself. It's a 6-0 and will work for people under 175lbs. I've been riding it for a while, but it's in great shape and is ready for the right person. I just refinished it for resale, so it's basically new looking.
    Could be a great way to check out what an alaia can do without spending a big chunk of $! Can also be a great gift for all you earlybird Christmas shoppers!

    For call (910)547-1450


    stop by my web site and contact me:
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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    how much are you asking?

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    were u surfing on this the day after epic earl swell right next to oceanic pier???

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    yeah man i totally want this thing. the big ? is, as asked earlier, how much?

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    Sorry, I guess I messed up making this thread. It's only $300.00.

    Give me a call at 1(910) 547-1450 if you're interested. The board is in Hotwax right now, but it's more expensive to get it in the shop so call me and I'll pull it out for you.
    $300.00 Firm

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    Yeah, that was probably me. I just cut my hair, so I might look different now. I end up down there more often than not. If you see me out there, just ask and I'll let you try an alaia. That's what it's all about right? Aloha