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Thread: wetsuit gloves

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    I am starting to wear boots, I would rather be a little warm than to have my feet cold. I don't care if others look at me and ask my why I am wearing them when after an hour or so they complain about their feet.

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    Apr 2008
    not cold yet.
    under 60 = boots.
    and gloves.

    i'm always surprised by gloveless guys in under water under 60.

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    better to air on the side of caution if it's in between and you're not sure if you need boots/gloves yet. I'll take a longer overheated sesh over a shortened colder sesh anyday.

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    Sep 2008
    under the pier
    is it really that cold in jersey , a couple of guys around here{va beach} are still bare backing it . i been wearing a 3/2 since august because i hate being cold and would rather sweat but it seems like another month till boots go on

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    dirty jersey

    Are you serious

    You wear boots and gloves at 60!

    ill rock boots after it dips into the high 50s but not gloves, around 48ish ill wear gloves I just put my hands under my armpits in betweem sets. I dont like gloves but dont mind wearing boots, go figure.