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    Hey guys you've probably heard alot of people talking about getting new boards well im now diff. however i stand at 6'3 weigh 220lbs currently ride 6'8 round pin byrne and 6'10 quietflight sting fish i feel the quiet flight is too big for me when i am not using the rounded pin on like a 4ft. semi glass day i like to use my byrne in glassy hollow conditions kinda my fall board however i have a grudge between 2 boards anacapa glider 6'6 or a 6'6 jc hawaii peter mel machine could someone help me???

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    I've never tried either board, but here's my take. I seem to remember hearing that Anacapas are made in China??? Also, Anacapa is just a side project for Al Merrick. At least the JC is from the brand that carries John Carpers name and main focus. Both are probably made on a CNC machine, but at least you know the JC's are made in the US by other surfers. I'd go with the JC. Plus Peter Mel is big dude like yourself, so if the board works for his frame it may work better for you. My 2 cents.

  3. thanks man im probably gunna go with the jc unless they sold it i heard good and bad about anacapa's my friends got one but i'll find something