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    7 mm boots for wide feet?

    Are there any brands that tend to run wide? I've got some stubby little feet and need to get 7 ml boots to get a tight fit with my winter fins. I wear a 9 1/2 shoe, but only for width. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated, I don't want to be caught with loose fins when it starts picking up again.

    Quick follow up for bodyboarders, what are you guys using for tethers to go around thick boots and suits?


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    Best idea is to go to a shop that sells alot of brands. Then you can test them. You may need to wear polypro, capalene or wool under to get the right fit but they'll only make your feet warmer and easier to take on and off the wetsuit. and being on a bodyboarder will make that even more important since your submerged so much.