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    WB: C-street and Mase and Sweetwater and all sorts of chill places around WB. Its rad.
    Try a new board, new spot, surf by yourself, go finless, bodysurf, surf at night, shape an alaia and ride that, the list goes on. Just do whatever crazy thing you can think of to make it exciting for yourself and you'll feel better.

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    Northender Guest
    get a new board, I felt like my surfing was terrible up untill my new custom 5 6 was finished. I feel like myself again

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    It's great to have a quiver, if you can afford it. That's the best way to stave off boredom... keep a variety of shapes on tap, and change it up often.

    But once it sets in, what can you do to shake it off? The easiest thing is to go find a new wave for yourself. It can be across the continent, or across town. But find a wave you've never surfed before. Surf it every chance you get, until you have it wired. That usually does the trick.

    Or... build a board!

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    surfing is 90% mental, 20%physical, and the rest is luck. You probably just need to change your conditioner, great hair never hurts either. If that doesnt work, try SUP- it sucks so much that you will die to be on your shortboard making turns again.
    I happened to read this right after medicating....very funny

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    dressed only in a loincloth and a Buffalo robe, I take a satchel with peyote mushrooms and I venture far into the woods, where for 4 days I sit alone, fasting and hallucinating.
    Actually I just quit surfing. I say to myself I guess I've outgrown it. I'll skip a session, maybe 2. Just do something completely unrelated, like work on the house or go running. Then a few days or weeks later there'll be a nice bump come in and I'll be like who the frig am I kidding surf for 6 hours and I'm good as new.

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    I dont think getting a new board is the best thing to do . cause 9 times outa 10 a flat spell comes after you get it which bums you out even more

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    Good suggestions... Not to sound like a douche but decided to surf thru it the last two days by hitting up a new spot to surf rights after only surfing lefts for the better part of a month and it felt good to mix it up with some frontside after being stuck on trying to tweak my back side tail slides into reverses and flailing.

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    Just Cruise

    When you ain't feelin it, just grab something like a fish or retro single-fin and just cruise. Don't try performance stuff, just ride the waves. You may look like a goof but it's a relief, and when you feel stoked again get back to advancing your horizons.

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    Just travel if you can. Make sure its a good point or reef break. Something that is all about positioning. A wave that gives you the speed to do want you want!!! And when your done with the surf & day, you are so surfed out that the only thing you can think about is the rising swell tomorrow!!!!