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Thread: Cenral Nica

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    Cenral Nica

    Any one been to central Nica how about this ast camp that is posting vids on swell info if so let me in on the deal with the surf some of it looks fun... Drive from time form managua? Thanks...

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    Central Nica has some great waves. send me an email and ill tell you some good areas to check out -

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    check out hotel popoyo(el torro), or mike from nicawaves, or the dude up on the hill. i want to say his name is richard. the drive in from managua can be gnarley if the rain is bad. the last 45 minutes or an hour is on a dirt path that will shake you up and if its been raining...good luck. once in popoyo its mellow but bring all the supplies you will need. waves are fun and a great diversity of breaks. i look forward to going back. the area is fairly remote to say the least.

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    What the last dude said... The guy at the top of the hill is Richard. Good guy+ American= not trying to scam you like most folks around there (understandably). If you taxi it (suggested) to stop at the supermarket (can't emphasize enough). Haggle... taxi prices are negotiable but prepare to get price gouged hardcore once pavement ends (Think I paid 60 or 80 bucks US to travel the last 5 miles to the place I stayed)