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    Build your own hollow wooden board wekend workshop NE FL

    Hey dudes,

    Ever wanted to build you own hollow wooden surfboard. Now's your chance to do it with me, RIch Blundell, one of the original founders of Grain Surfboards. I developed an innovative (patent pending) method for hollow wooden surfboard construction and have recently launched a workshop program where amateur builders can build their own boards in 2-3 days. I will be in N and East FL and would like to try an organize a workshop or two while I'm there. Feel like participating? Know a surfer who might be interested in hosting one of my workshops?

    In any case, you should check out (check the workshops sections).

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    I live in Gainesville and I've got a couple friends interested in building boards. So far I dont know anyone that could host a workshop but if I talk to the president of the surf club here at UF I think we might be able to set something up. I do have a couple questions though. How much would it cost to do the workshop, and do you think it would be possible for a couple very amateur builders to make these boards?

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    Wooden Surfboard Workshops

    Hi GatorFan,

    Thanks for your interest and the questions. My workshops are very mobile so Gainsville is no problem (kinda far from surf though - as you are probably keenly aware of

    The price to attend one of my workshops is $400 + $50 per foot for materials and you finish the workshop with a board ready for final sanding and glassing in two days (see the "Do the Math" page here: ).

    Yes, I've designed my method so that even complete amateurs can build thier own board. No experience, clamps, or power tools neccessary.

    Keep in mind that if you do find us an adequate venue, and can provide some of the support as listed in the "Host a Workshop" page at , you'll be able to attend for free. Otherwise, I think the surf club would be an excellent way to find a host/secure a venue.

    I have a friend in Gainsville who may have some leads as well.

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    I've been wanting to do this for awhile now.

    I will definitely e-mail you.

    Also, I make tikis. If you were having one of your workshops and wanted a tiki demo thrown in there somewhere, it'd be fun to do a collaboration. But either way I am DEFINITELY into it.

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    Hollow wood weekend update

    Just an FYI, the First of two December workshops have been announced the second will be shortly. See the details here:



  6. i want a woody board in key west, thank you

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    Hey notjamee,
    I know a lot of folks down there who want them too and I've been wanting to hold one there (I use to live there). A lot of peeps seem to want SUPs on the Keys, which makes sense, they are fun to paddle around the mangroves.. Have you considered hosting you own workshop? December would be best.

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    Building Wooden Surfboards with Rich Blundell and the Strip & Feather method (US, UK)

    Still seeking a host for this workshop and take it for free...

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