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    Favorite Right in Long Beach??

    There are few, but what is your favorite right in Long Beach NY?

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    Worst thread ever. Do not disclose any spots!! Spots that handle rights well are precious and shall not be exploited,

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    central li, topsail island nc
    yeah this is stupid.. close this up

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    excuse me everybody.... where are the best spots? i want to bring vanloads of my friends and go surfing on all the epic tubes !!!

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    u need swell 1st...which iz rare around here...

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    Sweet, Im gonna bring all the SUP'lers I can find!!!
    Especially the guys who just started! Just kidding.
    Next swell, just get in your car and cruise down the beach. Just remember to stay in Long Beach and not Rockaway Beach! lol

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    Right up in yo mama.. believe me there's swell there.

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    longbeach is no good anymore.... it never breaks good there and its not even worth checking. and sharks.... sharks all over the place in LB and hungry too.... everywhere else is really really really good though. so thats where everybody should go i guess.

  9. good one keester. that'll keep em away

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    why don't you all just stop whining when there's no surf
    the ocean wants good karma.
    not people blowing up spots
    or people getting all aggro
    why don't we all just learn to respect each other
    we care about this ocean enough to get
    excited like a little kid on Christmas morning(not to be biased)
    but we all share a similar stoke on the water
    if anything we should post threads based on things like:
    -Beach Erosion
    -shark sightings (god for bid.)
    -beach clean up.

    idk more productive things.

    just an opinion