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    Things to be thankful for

    I'm thankful for people who don't lie so I don't have to spend this time of year wrongfully accused of a crime I didn't even have a chance of committing. Just goes to show you police officers lie, cheat, steal and are criminals just like any one else. Also that our government is so corrupt that they can't keep their eyes on some people running around with the authority to have a gun, not doing their job correctly, then even making something up to justify what he did was right. Officer Grozier acted like a kid in daycare still sucking his thumb, the daycare being our government. I had to spend 3 weeks in jail for something I did not do, missing my family, wondering how I was actually in jail, and this time of year in which I can't help think of that horrible incident. I have always heard of people getting arrested with police officers lying to get the convection but never thought it could happen to me. We should be aware of our surroundings and not let people like this have jobs, don't let this same instance happen to you. By the way this thread does pertain to surfing because I did not get to surf the three weeks I was falsely put in jail. If anyone has any press connections I strongly believe the people of our community should know my side of the story.

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    that..really sucks man.

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    ya man, dont let it happen to you

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    what was the story to go along with this? like what actually happened?

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    i can't stand cops. i mean my opinion is most people are bad, so of course most cops are. there are good ones, but a lot of them go into that profession for the wrong reasons. in jersey the average pay for a town cop is like $80-$90 grand a year. thats the the median, and that's just for a town cop! people still complain christie is screwing cops, and teachers among others by not giving them their annual 4% raise this year while we are in a recession, and hardly anyone has gotten a raise. these kinds of cop need to be EXPELLED not SUSPENDED, and without pay, and no chance of EVER becoming a cop AGAIN. let them go work at some fast food joint, and see what it's like. let them have to get by selling drugs.

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    I hate that papers only print the negative things that happen. Its one thing for a big story to be printed and to believe it, but i feel like if someone is wrongly accused it should be an even BIGGER story to report. I never saw anything retracting what was said previously that could help restore your name and its kinda upsetting.

    I think there should be a courtesy that if someones story makes it FRONT PAGE and then they are proven innocent....there should be another story that makes FRONT PAGE to clear there name. Unless i knew him personally i would never have found out the real story and that sucks.

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    What were you put in jail for if you don't mind me asking ?

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    Dont know anything about your story, but if you were wrongly accused then you deserve an apology and a retraction.

    However, those of you who "hate" all cops. Please come to North Philadelphia and volunteer to sit in the back of a police car for a shift. Judging is easy to do from your position.

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    I was sitting at WaWa with my girlfriend and a state trooper car flashed his lights behind me when I was parked.I didn't think it was a big deal maybe parked over a white line or something, had no clue really. Then he approached my car and told me ,"GET THE **** OUT OF THE CAR". Then I knew something couldn't be right. He told me to get on the pavement with as many curse words as possible and put my hand behind my head. Before I knew it there was at least 20 state troopers around me. I had to do a breathalyzer which of course I passed. Then they took me straight to the Berlin barracks. I was there from 11 p.m to 6 a.m. the next day, where about 2 a.m Officer Grozier said that I was the one who hit him with a car. My girlfreind came and testified saying there was no way I could have done that, but they didnt want to believe her. So then I was shipped to Snow Hill with no bond at all the same as like a murderer or a rapist. I finally got a laywer and the judge lowered my bail to 250,000 which is still a lot. Then finally got out three weeks later.

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    get a lawyer and sue. sounds like you have a good case.