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    Maui in September

    The Fiance and I are honeymooning in Maui starting on September 1st, 2010. We are staying at Lahaina Resort over on the west/sw side of Maui.

    I am a very serious surfer, currently living in San Diego. Never been to the islands before. I always travel down into mexico. I have read up on some of the spots around my Hotel... The most notable they say is "Shark Pit" and a few others to the north... Although the name "shark pit" is not the most appealing name, I was wondering if anyone could respond to this post or even PM so there isnt too many name drops.

    I am just curious as to that part of the island. It seems very open to South and SW swells that would be coming in that time of year. I am on my honeymoon and will only be surfing breifly each day, so really I am just looking for advice on where a guy from CA should be paddling out to. Just wondering if there are places that I must check out. Or any particular waves on the island that are a must surf. Thanks.

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    haha seems you had better luck asking about maui in the mid atlantic forums! this forum is dead!

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    iam new here

    Hi Guys, names Matt – Currently working as a car engineer installing car body kits and car upgrades like ground effects, bumpers and misc accessories.

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    Hawaiian is like dream to me, which i always want to fulfill.. Sooner or later i will difinatly live this dream..

    Before going there i will b slim and fit for that i am doing P90x Workout .. this helping me lot..
    This september i was not there but upto next year i know i'll ready to go their..

  6. Smile learn how to sing better

    i wanted to travel there but i lack the luxury of time and money.
    I wish i could learn how to sing better so that i can afford to visit beautiful places like this.

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    Sorry don't have any idea...

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    im here

    hey. finally signed up as a member after some time of just lurking and reading posts.