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    Thank you guys for all the good advice. Now i def have some good ideas to go with. I'll let u guys know what we finally settle for.
    thanks again
    Maldives. Pasta Point resort. They take daily boat trips to other island breaks too. Magic.

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    Married in the beach in Hatteras with topical storm waves pumping then honeymooned it in El Salvador. It was awesome... but your girl has to be down for a third world adventure rather than 5 star hotels.

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    Wink Hell

    That would be the perfect place! Think carefully my friend. Where are your priorities?

    Let's face it, if your asking us it's too late for you too!

    Hawaii sounds safe! Welcome to the club!

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    Make sure you have a pre-nup.

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    Talking Colorado

    Got married in Belmar at Saint Rose church on a Saturday and the next day were at Mile high stadium in Colorado watching the Broncos.Sometimes in marriage you have to compromise.

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    cape may,block island...presumptuous,though,to think everybody has the free time and disposable income to commit and spend,so if everyone is that wealthy,do it.or pay everyone's travel and lodging yourself.
    otherwise...just get married when and where the people you both really want there can do it without's not about the party,though,and it's not about your invitees,it's about you and your bride...when i saw her walk down the aisle she was so beautiful,we just had a pretty brief reception and then we just wanted to get away,were out of there before dark and spent like a week alone on our honeymoon enjoying being together in cape may and then on block was woman would ever complain about cape may or block island,though,and they have a lot better waves than at a broncos game.

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    Barbados, or belize

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    Though I didn't get to go, two of my friends did Cabo a few years back. It's pretty cheap (a lot cheaper for them since they live in San Diego) and people who aren't into surfing still wanted to come along. Everyone seemed to have an awesome time.