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    I got married in St. Thomas, USVI last summer. There are surfers there, and there are surf spots. Given enough time, you can take a ferry to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, and catch better quality waves.

    As much as I wanted to surf, being the groom, I just didn't have any time since we as a couple were so busy entertaining guests, even though they were just a few close friends and family.

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    I wouldn't (and didn't). IMO it would be too much to ask of my guests/family. Have the Wedding local to family (it will still be really nice). Then honeymoon were ever you want go.

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    Eluthera or Abaco in the Bahamas could be nice.

  4. Thank you guys for all the good advice. Now i def have some good ideas to go with. I'll let u guys know what we finally settle for.
    thanks again

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    If you have a large budget you should check out Moorea Island in Tahiti.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    my brother did his honeymoon in costa, and they loved it.

    oh yeah! we do honeymoons too, fyi..

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    It s like dragging family and friends to your honey moon! Have wedding local then go on a surfing honeymoon or go get married but dont expect family and friends to go..
    Who really wants to waste a vaca on someone else's chosen dest? Not me being a surfer I wouldnt do it and havent done it on several occasions. Maybe its just me though... Good luck with what ever you do..

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    Yeah, destination wedding are tough unless you guys live in a certain area, and BOTH of your families live VERY far away from each other.

    But, we have lived on the west coast for almost a decade, originally wanted the wedding here. I have TONS of local connects to get hooked up. Ocean view ceremony on the cliffs. Ocean view dining... The whole package...

    But, once we realized that we were going to be missing a LOT of family members, not to mention the 3-5k for each part of the family to come out here (That they have to pay for)...

    So, after a long review, we decided to get married on the Chesapeake Bay back in Maryland... It was PERFECT. Every single person in our families showed up. It wasn't on the Ocean, but the water was beautiful and it was the perfect location. Then we went on to Hawaii for 10 days. It was the perfect combo....

    I know many people who did the destination thing successfully, but I would seriously look at the attendance and everything and decide what is right for you.

    If I had to re-do the wedding, I would pick the Chesapeake 100000000 times in a row. It was THE PERFECT family wedding. The whole week was money. It would NOT have been money without the whole fam there.... I let surfing define me in a lot of ways, which is good and bad. But in the end, I didnt want to be selfish, and feel like I was missing out on something if I wasn't married on my favorite beach and all that. But in the end, we have our whole lives for that. I surf everyday. I will always surf, so I tried to make my wedding NOT about surfing at all. Its ok to let it go for certain things. It doesn't HAVE to define you at those moments.
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    Puerto Rico is close and the surf is good. When are you getting married? Brick, Better check the surf for March in Costa, Pacific side is not very consistent then.

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    I got married in Barbados and stayed there for 3 weeks. My wife loves the islands so me surfing was no big deal. This was the day after we said I do....