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    Whale in the Indan River Inlet

    Never seen this before....

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    Very, very cool. So endangered as well. Would have loved to have been there on the rocks when it came through...

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    They spotted a floating dead Whale 15 miles out this past July off the Delaware coast. The Coast Guard towed it in to the beach south of Tower Road while Biologists descended on the whale to determined how it died. I witness a 6' biologist inside the mouth with a chain saw over his head cutting the jaw bone to give you an idea the size of the Great whale.

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    That whale will cause more commotion than 99.9% of the waves that come through there.

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    so cool... wish I 'd been there to see a right whale.

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    im not gonna lie. if that thing had swam by me in the line up not only would i have **** my own wetsuit but i most likely would have **** everybodys wetsuit!